Succulents are ever popular as they are relatively easy to handle and hard to kill, if you remember and follow certain rules. Succulents do not need much fertiliser and needs little water. A little damp (not wet and soggy ) environment is more than sufficient for it to thrive. However it does need good bright sunlight every now and then to keep growing good and healthy.


Succulents in moss bowl

Add these moss bowls on your work desk or in your bathroom or group them together in a lounge or outdoor sitting area and feel the freshness of life and greenery around you



Succulent in ceramic with a leather strap

A single ceramic egg shaped pot that is 13cm long and apx 9cm wide, is hung on the wall or from a railing with a classy leather strap, making the size about 21cm long. more numbers can be purchased to group hang them on a rope or horizontally on a rod or branch. See other items for ideas. Postage is not included unless stated.


Succulent White Ceramic



Succulents in pouches

A unique and modern take on succulents hanging in 4 pouches anchored from good quality 2 wooden panels. each pouch contains different succulent that brings colour and life in any room. Length from top of first wooden panel to bottom of lowest pouch is 38cm. Across it measures apx 34cm. That can change depending on how the hanger is hung. Total length that can be reduced is 57cm. Each pouch is about 8cm long. Price Includes Postage to Sydney Suburbs



Funky Succulent Trio on a branch

The branch is from a eucalyptus tree that has been carefully dried over few years and sprayed to seal its grains. The succulents are planted such that it retains moisture enough to grow well. All it needs is a dunk of the three bags in the sink of clear water for 5 mins once a fortnight. Do not soak the branch to avoid any rotting. Price does not include postage.


Funky Succulents Venya


Succulent in coloured sand

Here is a unique piece of sand art combined with a succulent that requires very minimal care. The base has corked case to keep the goblet stable and avoid skidding. The total size is 21cm tall and 8.5cm diam Price does not include postage. Plants may vary based on supply and availability



Succulents Trio in Ceramics

Here are the Succulents in classy looking egg shaped ceramic pots that can be hung with leather straps. The branch shown is not included in the price.Shipping charge not included. Please contact if the branch is required. These are eucalyptus branches which have been dried and sealed with clear coating to make it resistant to dampness and rotting. Plants can be different than shown in the picture. Please notify if there is a need for the same plants as shown in picture


trio-succulents in ceramics
Trio Succulents in ceramic pots




Succulents in a frame

Copper shade square frame with exclusive succulents. Has 2 hooks at back to hang from any wall. The illustrated one has been hung from a wooden screen. Can be watered through 2 holes at the top. Shipping not included


Succulents inframeedited