Terrariums above $50

Round fishbowl 25cm Top Open

Top open Fishbowl 22cm diameter Landscaped with small rocks, with atleast 5 exclusive plants. Low maintainence, keep in bright shaded light for best results. Requires little care. Postage not included


terrarium2018-Top Openingjpg

terrarium2018 topopeningvenya


Oblong Terrarium 24cm with a pond

Oblong Terrarium, 24cm long and 16cm diam at its broadest part. Contains atleast 5 unique plants and hand made pond feature to make a realistic landscape for your miniature garden. More miniature figures can be added for a meaningful personalised gift for an extra $5. Postage not included




Squat Small Neck 20cm-SOLD

Squat shaped small neck Terrarium apx 20cm diam 30cm height contains landscaped miniature garden. Virtually maintenance free. Contains atleast 5 plants Does not include postage.



Round Glass Terrarium with side 25cm

with a diam of 25cm, this is a large sized terrarium that has a flat base and a side opening that makes it unique and very different. It contains atleast 5 special plants that are well established. weight apx 2.5kg Price does NOT include postage





Terrarium 25cm Round, side opening with waterfall feature

Round Terrarium 25cm diam with side opening. Added feature of miniature waterfall to add to the landscape. This is a hand made waterfall (miniature artificial water feature) that brings life to your miniature landscape. Other added features are small lady bug/s. If this is a personalised gift for a couple’s special day or housewarming, a meaningful miniature can be added to the landscape at an extra $10.


terrriumwaterfall (36)


dualwaterfall venyadualwaterfall-closeuptopvenya


Round top Terrarium 25cm diam with Pond

Top open Round terrarium 25cm diam with landscaped pond feature and a minimum of 5 exclusive plants. Small features like artificial lady bugs added to make the landscape unique. More personalised miniatures like couples, bird pairs etc can be added with an extra $5 for a personalised gift at a special event




Moulded Glass terrarium over wood

This is a glass bowl moulded over wooden branch with a unique look and classy style. apx 30cm height and 26cm long, it looks gorgeous in any decor style. There are atleast 5 good quality established plants in the bowl. See more images below if more than 1 required, please contact for a personalised order and provide extra time to get them made. There are smaller sizes available. Please contact for price and sizes