Under $50

Traingular Terrarium 24cm

Triangular shaped terrarium with metal frame and can be either hung or placed on a table. Apx 12cm Deep and 24cm Height. Contains healthy well established plants and exclusive succulents. Price includes postage


terrarium2018 trianglevenya

Tear Drop Terrarium 18cm

Drop Shape Terrarium with airplants requiring very minimal care and watering. Thrives in cool and partially lighted room. Price doesn’t include postage


Hanging Tear Drop 18cm

Hanging round Terrarium 15cm

A 15cm diam Terrarium which can be either hung off the wall or laid flat on the table. Contains atleast 3 unique plants. Price includes postage to Sydney suburbs. Rest of Australia, extra final postage price will be communicated before dispatch


Hanging Terrarium 15 Venya


Terrarium in Glass carafe- SOLD

A glass carafe to quench your thirst for plants and terrariums. This piece is 8cm diam and 21cm high. Adds an unusual collection to your showpieces. Unique one off style. Price includes postage.



Corked Terrarium

Corked Glass Terrarium requiring watering very rarely as it is a self sustaining system. Requires very minimal watering over the year. Price includes postage to Sydney


Corked TerrariumVenya


Waterfall Accessories for Terrariums

Add these waterfall pieces for your terrariums. size can be varied depending on your terrarium height and width. small- $25 free postage Medium- $30 postage extra Large- $40 postage extra